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Conference Fees

Conference Fees

+ Region Tour

Author (General Sessions) 250 USD included
Author (docentes ESPE/IPL) 150 USD included
Attendees (general public) 200 USD included
Students 100 USD 50 USD
  • Conference fees include receiving the conference materials, attending the Official Dinner, Coffee Breaks and 2 Lunch meals during the conference.
  • For the other authors of papers and, if they wish to attend the conference, the fee is the same as the general public.
  • Those who wish to participate in the  Region Tour must pay extra € ?. The Region Tour consists of a tour in the Region, visiting cultural and natural heritage and a diner (regional cuisine).

:: Those who have registered will have access to the following services and events:

  • access to all technical sessions and to the exhibition area of ITC’18
  • username and password for Wi-Fi connection through personal computers
  • access to all documentation related to the ITC’18

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